Twilight stroll

Twilight is my favorite time of night. I love how the sky says “pay attention to me” by muting all other colors around it and forcing you to look up. We like to take evening strolls to the shore to watch the sunset and see cloud formations. Something about the bright swirls over the Pacific that really intrigue me.

We’re about 6 blocks from the cliffs and some of the most beautiful views Los Angeles has to offer. I often wonder if the rest of the county knows about this spot the locals call South Shores- a neighborhood in San Pedro sandwiched between Palos Verdes and the Port of LA. It offers breathtaking views of Catalina Island that you can’t get anywhere else in LA, trust me we’ve looked. It’s a quiet neighborhood where you can usually find kids walking home from soccer practice and couples walking their dogs (that’s us!) Sometimes there are even peacocks that hang in the gardens and call back and forth to each other. We’re lucky to have found this place.



We see some great sunsets from these cliffs. On nights we don’t make it out there, I can still see pink streaks in the sky from the kitchen window and I slap my forehead and say, “we missed it!” It’s a big perk of living on the west coast and one we’re still getting used to.









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