All purpose [no chemical] cleaner

Here’s a special treat for you, and one that’s super easy to copy. Spring is fast approaching and we actually took on the task of spring cleaning early this year. Tossed  some clothes into the giveaway pile, brushed the dog (which is quite the task in itself- all you double coated dog parents know what I mean), and tightened all the loose screws on the dining room chairs (I mean how do they get loose in the first place?) Now that the house is free of Christmas decorations and clutter, it’s time for me to start making everything sparkle again.

Steering clear of mainstream chemical solutions, I opted to make my own natural all-purpose clean this year. And now, I’m glad I did. It’s super easy, smells yummy, and saves me money at the store. Not to mention is also decreases our carbon footprint by using items we already had on hand- orange peels!






All you need is:

1 jar (size is your choice)

Enough oranges (or other citrus of your choosing- limes would be fun too!) whose peels will fill the jar

A sharp knife

And white distilled vinegar

All you need to do is:

Cut the peels off the oranges

Stuff them into the jar until it is full

Top the jar off with vinegar

Let sit for 7-10 days

Strain and clean!

*Vinegar is a great all purpose cleaner that you can use on your counter tops, stovetop, refrigerator shelves, doorknobs, shower heads and faucets, shower walls, or even your hands if you’ve been chopping something smelly.

We just got a juicer for Christmas and are addicted to juicing, but I was sad to see so much pulp and skin get thrown away. We decided to use these peels for their yummy scent and make flax fiber crackers with the left over pulp. Don’t worry, that post is coming soon! Stay tuned!

In the mean time, you’ll find me cleaning! And enjoying my deliciously fresh orange juice!


One thought on “All purpose [no chemical] cleaner

  1. I wondered why you weren’t writing and then I realised I hadn’t subscribed. D’oh! Never mind, I’m here now. And I’m loving your writing and ideas. It was like opening a Christmas pressie to find that you’d written a few posts since the last time I read you haha. 🙂

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