Tales of a [temporarily] one armed girl

Again, sorry for the lack of posts. Along with countless other tasks, typing isn’t the easiest thing to do one-handed. I’m finding that many “simple” tasks, aren’t as simple as they once seemed. Sweeping the floor, hanging laundry, washing my hand(s)… just to name a few seemingly impossible ones. I do have to say, however, that my boyfriend has really stepped up. As I sit here, he is hanging a load of laundry after just finishing scrubbing some dishes. He has even stripped the bed and plans to wash all the sheets and towels in the house. All jokes of him pushing me down the mountain aside, he is a saint. He barely even complained when I asked him to trim and file my nails last night. Ladies, I got me a good one.

Later today we’re going to sit down and make a grocery list together. Since he’s doing most of the cooking in the coming weeks, I want him to play a part in the menu planning and shopping experience too. He’s pretty used to manning the grill, but the crock pot and the oven will be a new adventure. Stay tuned for some yummy meals to read about this week.

Now, a little motivation for any of you ladies who have been in my position before, or may be in the future- Although my man was more than willing to chop off my nails, he didn’t understand the need for a curve and by God, why am I so particular? I would show him what I thought were obvious areas for filing, and his eye just wouldn’t see it. So, I am a knee manicurist now! And these pictures weren’t easy to get either, so you’d better appreciate them! (Hehe)


Hold clippers between knees, position finger nail perfectly, and squeeze!



Hold between knees, and file away!


And for anyone who thinks I’m lying about the laundry, some proof: